Passenger Rights in a Car Accident Injury

When there is a car accident in Texas, state law requires the driver stop the car at the scene of the accident or as close to the scene as possible.  There should be no confusion about what to do in a  car accident.  Drivers are required to first, render aid to anyone who is injured.  Second, they must exchange certain information with anyone who was injured.

Multiple Car Accidents

As a passenger in a car accident, if you have injuries, or even think you might be injured, you are entitled to the following information from the drivers of all vehicles in a multiple car accident:

  • The drivers’ names;
  • Their addresses;
  • The registration number of their vehicles;
  • The name of the insurance carrier for all cars.

Further, if you ask, Texas law requires drivers to show you their driver’s license, if available.  Finally, the law requires drivers render aid if need be.  This aid includes, among other things, transportation to the hospital, where appropriate.

Single Car Accidents

If you are involved in a single car accident, as a passenger, you are also entitled to the same information from the driver  At David K. Wilson & Associates, we understand that sometimes, in the confusion after an accident, you may not gather all the information you are entitled to.  Often, with just a small amount of information, a car accident lawyer tracks down the rest of the information needed.  This ensures full compensation for your injuries.

Types of Compensation

As a passenger in car accident, a car accident lawyer helps you get the compensation for your injuries you need.  “Compensation” covers a broad range of situations.  What they have in common, however, is that all of these situations reflect costs that you incur when you were in an accident that wasn’t your fault.

Courts allow recovery for wages lost while you were out of work, recovering from your injuries.  This may include lost opportunities for overtime.  It also includes lost future earnings, when your injuries prevent future employment. Further, if your injuries prevent you from working the same job, courts allow compensation for lost earnings.   The law allows recovery for medical expenses.  This includes the ambulance ride, the emergency room visit, surgery, and ongoing medical care.  If you require physical therapy or other rehabilitative services, this is also compensable.

Needed assistance in the home qualifies for compensation.  This help may include child care or housekeeping or other domestic services.

Finally, a car accident lawyer may assist in recovering for pain and suffering, loss of companionship, or mental anguish.

If You Sustain Injuries in an Accident

If you are a passenger injured in a car accident, you have rights.  Contact the Texas litigation law firm of David K. Wilson & Associates.  We do not charge a fee to meet with prospective clients.  Instead, we happily meet with injured parties.  We discuss their rights, their injuries, and the types of compensation.   We also don’t charge our clients any fees unless we win their case.  Consequently, you have nothing to lose. 

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