7 Top Personal Injury Cases in Texas

Almost any time you suffer an injury due to the negligence, carelessness, or recklessness of another, you are entitled to compensation for those injuries.  While the possible types of personal injury cases are limited only by your imagination, certain types of personal injury cases happen more than others. Below is a brief discussion of the 7 top personal injury cases in Texas.

Auto Accidents – with the advent of cell phones, which allow us to check text messages, read email, watch movies, as well as call our loved ones, auto accidents are on the rise.  This is perhaps the most common type of personal injury case.  Many people don’t know that an injured person may have a personal injury case even if they were in a single car accident.

Truck Accidents –truck drivers have slightly different responsibilities in addition to those of your average driver.  For example, there is a legal limit to the number of hours a trucker can drive each day.  Consequently, truck accidents are a sub specialty of personal injury cases.

Motorcycle accidents – because motorcycles are more vulnerable, their injuries can be much more extensive than car accidents.

Aviation Accidents – planes are increasingly used for travel both for business and pleasure.  Plane crashes can have devastating consequences.  As with car accidents, even a single plane accident can provide a basis for a personal injury case.

Product Liability – when someone is injured due to a defective product, a product liability suit is the appropriate way to address the injury.  Similarly, if a product is not defective but is inherently dangerous, and injures a consumer, there may be a basis for a product liability claim.

Worker’s Compensation – employees have a duty to keep the workplace safe.  When a worker sustains injury on the job, worker’s compensation cases allow the worker to recover their lost wages, as well as lost benefits and lost overtime.  Additionally, they can recover the costs of their medical bills.

Wrongful death – in any personal injury case, if someone dies, there is basis for a wrongful death claim.  Damages include funeral costs, loss of future earnings, and hospital bills.

Understanding Personal Injury Awards

In every personal injury case, the goals are the same.  First, at David K. Wilson & Associates, we want to make sure our client is made whole – or as close to whole as possible.  No lawsuit can bring a loved one back to life.  No lawsuit can un-injure a muscle or unbreak a spine.  However, lawsuits can pay for medical bills, lost wages, lost future earning potential, the losses associated with being less able to contribute to the family household, pain and suffering, mental anguish, disfigurement, and “loss of consortium” – if you are unable to share the companionship with your spouse you once had.  The second purpose of a personal injury suit is to hold the person or business who caused the injury responsible for their actions or their failure to act.

If You or a Loved One has been Injured or Killed

Dealing with a personal injury or death of a loved one is overwhelming.  There are bills to pay, doctors to see, treatments to manage, and, often, medications to combat the pain associated with injury.  At David K. Wilson & Associates, we are here to help.  Let us take the burden of dealing with the insurance company off your shoulders.  We focus on compensating you for your injury and loss.  This way, you can focus on the long road of healing.  We do not charge a fee to evaluate your case.  Contact us today to discuss your situation.

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