How to Make Yourself Visible on a Motorcycle

Do you enjoy traversing the roads of Sherman, Texas on your motorcycle? The weather is usually nice enough year-round to enjoy a ride on your motorcycle, which is one of the most dangerous hobbies you can have. Even the safest of motorcycle riders are in danger of being injured in an accident because of the inattentiveness of other drivers around them. You need to do everything possible to avoid an accident that can leave you seriously injured, which is why you need to learn how you can make yourself visible on a motorcycle.

Wear Colorful Safety Gear

There is plenty of safety gear and apparel to choose from when riding a motorcycle. Make sure you pick the brightest and most colorful gear you can find. Why? Not only will the gear protect you if you are in an accident, but having bright-colored gear will make it easier for other drivers to see you day or night when on your hog. The best pieces of gear for this are the helmet and the jacket.

Avoid Blind Spots at All Costs

You need to avoid blind spots of other vehicles at all costs because your life depends on it. If you are riding in a vehicle’s blind spot the driver will not be able to see any part of you or the motorcycle. If the driver decides to merge into your lane they will likely hit you or force you to dump your bike to avoid a collision. Either one of these accidents can cause serious injuries, such as broken bones, head trauma, and road rash.

Activate the High Beams

There are some people out there who disagree with this point, but motorcyclists who ride with their high beams on all the time during daylight hours will be easier to see by oncoming drivers than those who don’t. Other drivers will not be affected by the high beams of a motorcycle, especially during the daylight hours.

Take Advantage of the Horn

Don’t be afraid to use the horn on your motorcycle. It is there for a reason. If you notice a vehicle swerving into your lane too close to your motorcycle, tap the horn. The same goes for any vehicle merging onto the highway that might not see you. A quick tap or two on the motorcycle’s horn might save your life when there is a distracted driver near you.

Add Extra Lights

There’s nothing out there that says you cannot add extra lights to your motorcycle. These extra lights, known as auxiliary lights, are most often added to the sides of the bike. These lights add extra light to the bike, which can become especially helpful at night.

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