Texas Leads the U.S. in Hot Car Child Deaths

Eight children have already died in the state of Texas after being left in a hot car. According to the Houston Chronicle, between 1990 and 2018, the Lone Star State led the country in the number of children who died after being left in hot vehicles. During that time, 125 children died in the state after being left in hot cars. In comparison, 93 children died in Florida and 58 children died in California.

In June 2018, Houston had its first tragic incident when the parents of a nine-month-old toddler left her inside the car in the Baytown area. The parents had taken their other daughter to a doctor’s appointment. In the chaos, each parent thought the other had taken the little girl out of her car seat. Neither parent was criminally charged in that incident.

Little more than a month later, in July 2018, a daycare employee at the Discovering Me Academy, accidentally left a 3-year-old boy inside a van following a group field trip. The child was left inside the van until his father came to pick him up, at which time the daycare staff realized he was missing. The boy’s almost-lifeless body was found in the van and rushed to Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital, where he died a short time later. Criminal charges against daycare workers are still under review, despite the fact that the little boy’s death was ruled a homicide. The boy’s father has filed a civil suit against the daycare center, asking for more than $1 million. 

In September 2018, a 2-year-old toddler died after being left in the back seat of her parent’s car. The parents were later charged with child abandonment, largely because their stories changed multiple times, and the police did not believe the child being left in the car was entirely accidental. 

To date, in 2019, eight children have died in hot vehicles in Texas. Before exiting a vehicle, parents and caregivers should always make a habit of opening the back door every time they park, placing an item which they cannot do without in the back seat—a purse, a phone, a laptop or an employee badge. If your child is in daycare, ask the daycare provider to call you immediately if your child does not show up as scheduled. If you have multiple children, clearly announce and confirm who is responsible for physically getting each child from the vehicle.

Leaving a child in a hot car can lead to tragic consequences. Children can overheat much faster than adults—almost seven times as fast. Even when the child does not die, being trapped in a hot car can cause extremely serious side effects, including severe dehydration, brain swelling, and seizures.

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