Aggravated Assault in Palestine Leaves Multiple People Injured

A convenience store clerk and two customers were left traumatized after a robbery in Palestine, Texas. At about 10 A.M., the perpetrator entered the store, pulling a customer standing outside in with him. He bound the cashier and the two customers in the store. The robbery appeared to have been carefully planned, as the assailant had purchased lighter fluid at the same store several hours prior.

Convenience Store Robbery Left One Victim With Burn Injuries

This robbery veered off-track quickly. While many similar incidents end without any harm to the hostages, the burglar in this case caused serious harm to one of the customers bound up in the store. After tying up both customers, the assailant doused them with lighter fluid. After trying to light his lighter several times, he lit one customer on fire. The customer suffered burns on her head, face, neck, and hair.

The perpetrator escaped the convenience store with just $700 to $800. The clerk was able to get free from her bonds and assist the injured customer by helping her remove her burning shirt, limiting damage to other parts of her body.

Family members of the burn victim report that her hair is completely burned off in the front. Her hands suffered additional burns when she tried to put out the flames on her head. She required additional medical treatment to rule out the risk of smoke inhalation.

Perpetrator Held on Multiple Charges

The suspect was arrested about seven hours after the crime. He was found at another convenience store located just four miles from the one he robbed. He was charged on several counts, including aggravated robbery and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, one of the most common crimes in Texas. The jail held him on a $4 million bond, highlighting the severity of his offenses.

Personal Injury Cases Often Involve Multiple Victims

When you think about personal injury cases that may stem from an experience like this, you may first think of the burn victim. She’s likely to face an accumulating pile of medical bills, painful treatments to treat her burns, an absence from work, and possible psychiatric treatment to recover from the trauma of the situation.

It’s important to consider the other victims of this robbery, however. Even though the convenience store clerk and other customer did not sustain any long-lasting physical injuries, the mental toll of being held up in a robbery can require months of mental health treatment. The clerk might have difficulty returning to work if the stress of returning to the crime scene is too much for her.

When someone victimizes several people during a crime, multiple costly personal injury cases are a likely outcome.

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