Hit-and-Run Motorcycle Crash Seriously Injures Two

Motorcyclists know that they are at risk whenever they hit the road for a ride. Motorcycles offer substantially less protection than cars, trucks, or SUVs, and they are less visible than other types of vehicles. Additionally, many drivers simply aren’t attentive enough. They often miss motorcyclists and fail to give them enough space on the road to travel safely. For one Sherman couple, this harsh reality struck close to home when a romantic dinner ended in tragedy.

Black Pickup Truck Caused Motorcycle Crash

Donnie and Janet Rose left dinner shortly after 6 P.M., hoping to enjoy a scenic ride home after their meal. As they drove along the U.S. 75 access road, a black pickup truck unexpectedly pulled out in front of them. They had to take evasive action and were forced off the road to avoid a crash. The black pickup truck drove off, leaving the victims behind. Investigators claim that there is evidence that the truck driver knew he had committed a crime.

Victims Still Recovering From Multiple Injuries

Both victims were transported to the hospital after the accident. Janet Rose had to be flown to Plano for treatment for her head injuries. Donnie Rose suffered multiple broken bones, but was recently released from the hospital. Janet is still in recovery at the local hospital, where she’s receiving treatment for multiple head and back injuries.

The Search for the Suspect

Police immediately put out a call for information, hoping someone could identify the driver of the black truck. They reported that the suspect would face a third-degree felony for failing to stop and offer aid. Several weeks after the initial call for information was put out, a witness came forward. Shortly thereafter, the driver of the black truck reported to the police, though no arrest has been made.

What Happens Next

There’s a long road ahead for the couple as Janet Rose continues to heal from her injuries. Charges could be brought against the driver of the black truck for causing a crash and failing to stop or report an accident. However, criminal charges won’t provide direct relief to the Roses, who are likely to have thousands in unexpected medical bills as a result of the crash.

In accidents like this one, motorcyclists may be able to seek compensation for their injuries with a personal injury case. Neither member of the Rose family was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. This does not bar the couple from bringing a personal injury case against the responsible party, holding them responsible for costs related to lost income, medical bills, pain and suffering, and vehicle damage.

Your Next Step After a Motorcycle Accident

The costs of an accident add up quickly, so it’s important to consult a personal injury attorney promptly after a motorcycle accident. At David K. Wilson & Associates, our team is ready to help you seek the compensation you deserve. 

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