Memorial Day: Most Dangerous Holiday of the Year

Any time you drive on the road, you run the risk of being involved in a car crash. This risk increases on holiday weekends, when travel is on the uptick.

Which holiday is the most dangerous for motorists? Is it New Year’s Eve? What about Labor Day? Maybe the 4th of July?

Surprisingly, national statistics reveal that the most fatalities occur on Memorial Day weekend, which is just around the corner. In fact, a person is four times more likely to die on Memorial Day weekend than an average weekend.

What the Statistics Say

Between 2011 and 2015, the average number of fatal accidents on Memorial Day was 312. However, two other holidays were not far behind. During that same time period, Labor Day averaged 308 fatalities, while the 4th of July had 307 fatalities.

Forty percent of accidents on Memorial Day weekend involve drunk driving. On a normal three-day weekend, just over 29% of accidents involve intoxication. Even teens are partaking in drinking during this time. Combined with texting and other forms of distracted driving, Memorial Day weekend is an especially dangerous holiday for teen drivers.

Texans should pay extra attention when traveling during Memorial Day weekend, as   Houston was ranked the deadliest city during this weekend.

Why is Memorial Day So Dangerous?

There are a couple reasons why accidents are more likely to occur on Memorial Day weekend. First of all, the weekend signals the start of summer. Even though the season does not technically start until June 21, for most Americans, vacation season starts on Memorial Day weekend. People use these three days to go camping, visit the beach or plan local activities. With so many cars on the roadway, accidents are more likely to occur. In fact, nearly 40 million Americans are on the road traveling 50 miles or more on Memorial Day weekend.

Another a factor is an increase in alcohol consumption. Memorial Day weekend is a prime time for pool parties, barbeques and alcohol. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for partygoers to drink to excess. While a responsible person would refrain from driving after consuming alcohol, this is not always the case. People often drive while intoxicated, causing serious accidents.

Taking Legal Action

A car accident can happen any time of the year, but you take a huge risk when you travel on the roads during Memorial Day weekend. A serious crash is more likely to occur during these three days than any other days of the year. Even minor car accidents can result in financial damages.

If your injuries are caused by someone else’s negligence during Memorial Day weekend, or any other day, get the legal help you need by contacting the Sherman, Texas law firm of David K. Wilson. 

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