Five of the Most Common Personal Injury Claims


Personal injury is a vast topic. In Texas, claims can range from automobiles to oil mining accidents. While most lawsuits end in some form of compensation or settlements, knowing your rights can help protect you and ensure that you get justice for your loss. You have two years from the date of the injury to file a claim, otherwise, you could lose the right to file. That is why you should speak to a legal professional to confirm what steps you need to take.

Common Personal Injury Claims

Automobile Accidents

Texas is a massive state in both population and geographical size. With a large population and many drivers on the road, it is no surprise that automobile accidents are one of the most common personal injury claims filed. This includes drunk driving incidents, collisions and even pedestrian accidents.

At-fault drivers are liable for financial costs related to the collision, including medical bills. Notifying and working with insurance companies can be overwhelming. Speaking to a legal professional who understands insurance companies may help ensure that you maintain your rights.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is a serious and complicated matter that can become extremely costly in a short amount of time. The wrong medication, a bad diagnosis, or even too much medication could create new medical problems or even have fatal results. Because of the potential for significant costs, Texas has put a limit on the amount of damages recoverable to $250,000. There are exceptions though and getting expert legal advice can help recover damages.

Slip and Fall Claims

Slip and fall claims, or premises liability, are fairly common. These personal injuries often lead to emergency room visits all across Texas. Spinal cord injuries are the most prevalent. Businesses are legally required to maintain a safe environment for consumers and employees. Failure to comply means the injured may hold businesses liable for the damages or losses caused by an injury sustained on their property. This is not limited just to businesses. Construction accidents are major subcategories of the premise liability personal injury claim. Exposed wires, shaky foundations, and large machinery contribute to worker risks. Surprisingly, homes and areas of land also fall into the category of premises liability.

Product Liability

Product liability includes injury from products that are defective and/or dangerous to consumers. If a product causes unexpected injury or damage, courts could hold the seller, designer or manufacturer responsible. Products are legally required to include potential danger warnings to protect consumers. Determining who is accountable can be tricky and very lengthy. To best determine the proper steps for maximum accountability, speak to an attorney.

Animal Injury

Animal injuries are surprisingly common. Pet-related injuries, particularly dog bites, have risen significantly. Texas law holds pet owners liable if the person making the claim can prove that the owner knew the dog would attack. This may seem daunting but using the dog’s history and breed can help with the case. However, this issue varies from person to person and the best option is to contact a legal professional who will know what to look for.

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