What Halloween Hazards Do You Need to Know About?

Halloween in North Texas can be one of the most fun holidays of the year. Candy, costumes and the spooky thrills of the season delight kids and adults alike. However, 2020 has brought quite a few challenges when it comes to Halloween fun.

Here at David K. Wilson & Associates, Attorneys at Law we want you to be safe this Halloween. So, we have collected a list of Halloween hazards that you and your kids should know about.

Halloween Hazards to Avoid in 2020

Due to the Coronavirus, many North Texas counties, cities and neighborhoods are restricting trick-or-treating this year. Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins is advising against trick-or-treating this year. Several popular treating neighborhoods, such as Waggoner Driver in Arlington and Swiss Avenue in Dallas, have canceled trick-or-treating. Despite these closures, many places are still finding a way to celebrate. Walmart Stores across the Metroplex are hosting trick-or-treat drive-thrus. Plus, some neighborhoods are hosting socially-distanced costume parades. No matter how you celebrate, there are safety issues you should still plan for this Halloween.

Cosmetics and Contacts

Makeup and contacts are often a staple of high-quality costuming efforts. These touches can give a costume just the right pop to stand out but be cautious. Pigments in some makeup can cause allergic reactions. Also, cheap contact lenses can contain chemicals or have manufacturing defects that can harm the eyes. In some cases, cheap contact lenses can cause infections and blindness.

Flame-Resistant Costumes

Many Halloween decorations involve open flames. This can leave young children vulnerable if their costumes can easily burn. U.S. regulations call for commercially sold children’s costumes to be flame-resistant. But remember, flame-resistant does not mean flameproof. Keep an eye on your children around fire to prevent potential burn injuries.

The Most Dangerous Night for Children

Despite the kid-friendly fun to be had on Hallow’s Eve, it is actually one of the most dangerous nights of the year for children. The National Safety Council says that kids are two times more likely to suffer a fatal pedestrian accident on Halloween. Even older children need to be cautious. A State Farm report says that most Halloween pedestrian fatalities happened to teens aged 12-15. When out on Halloween, be sure your party stays on sidewalks, uses crosswalks, and carry a flashlight. Also, try to stay visible by wearing reflective materials.

Drunk Driving

Another consequence of the festivities of Halloween is the drunk drivers leaving parties. These individuals account for around 44 percent of the fatal car crashes on Halloween night. Drunk drivers are also responsible for many of the pedestrian fatalities that happen on this holiday. Be alert to signs of an intoxicated driver.

How Can an Injury Attorney in Sherman, Texas Help?

Staying aware of these Halloween hazards may not be enough to protect your family. The negligent actions of others are rarely in our control. This is why you should contact our Sherman, Texas accident law firm should something happen to your family.

Our North Texas injury attorney, David K. Wilson, has over 40 years of experience practicing law. To learn more about his practice, check out our FAQ page.

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