How to Avoid Car Accidents When Making a Lane Change

Unsafe lane changes are one of the major contributors to car accidents in the U.S. A study by the Insurance Information Institute says that drivers who failed to maintain their lane caused 3,706 crashes in 2018.  Many of these accidents were the result of drivers failing to detect the presence of a vehicle in an adjacent lane.

To help you improve your safe driving techniques, the car accident attorneys at David K. Wilson & Associates, Attorneys at Law have gathered some lane changing tips. We hope they will come in handy to help keep your family safe.

Always Check Both Mirrors To Prevent Car Accidents When Changing Lanes

It’s natural for drivers to check their side mirrors before changing lanes, but you should also check your rearview mirror to help prevent car accidents.

Glancing at your rearview mirror gives you a comprehensive view of the cars behind you, especially the car or cars that you could hit when you change lanes.

Make sure you can see the front of the vehicle directly behind you in the adjacent lane before you attempt making the lane change. This provides you with sufficient time to change lanes without impeding that vehicle’s forward progress.

Always Signal Your Intent To Change Lanes

After checking all mirrors, make sure you signal your intent to change lanes.

Many drivers simply veer their car into the adjacent lane without signaling. This can cause the driver of the car in the adjacent lane to overreact.

That type of overreaction can lead to car accidents, so it is always best to signal other drivers when you are preparing to change lanes.

Always Perform a Shoulder Check

Before making a lane change, it is vital that you look over your shoulder to check out the traffic behind and to the side of your vehicle.

This is known as a shoulder check. It provides you with a complete view of traffic—including the dreaded blind spot beyond the vantage point of your mirrors.

Drivers who fail to perform a shoulder check often miss their blind spots. This failure can lead to a lane-change collision.

Protect Your Rights After a Car Accident

The sad truth is that while you may practice these safe lane changing tips, other drivers may not. Their negligence could lead to an accident that may hurt you or a member of your family. If such a crash occurs, handling the fallout could cause you a great burden. Recovering from your injuries should by your focus in these difficult times, and our Sherman auto accident lawyer can help.

We can talk to witnesses, gather evidence and negotiate with insurance companies while you recover. Let our experienced personal injury firm handle every aspect of your claim. The team at David K. Wilson & Associates has a long track record of obtaining compensation for its clients. But experience isn’t just about how many cases a firm has handled, it is also about the number of settlements and trial victories the firm has won. 

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