How to Report an Unsafe Truck Driver

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If you have spent any time on the road, you’ll know that semi-trucks are everywhere. The sheer size of these large trucks is intimidating, but reckless driving is downright scary. The damage that a semi-truck can cause is immense, and no one wants to be around for it. If you see a reckless semi-truck on the road, there are a few ways you can report an unsafe truck driver. Doing so may prevent an accident, or at the very least aid a truck accident investigation later on.

Report the Driver to FMCSA

If you see a truck driving dangerously, you can report it to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The FMCSA keeps a database with truck companies’ driving records. The organization adds driving complaints to a company’s permanent record and uses these records for investigation purposes.

Submitting a complaint may help the FMCSA catch law-breaking truck drivers. This includes drivers who speed, text and drive, drive under the influence, or who drive for more hours than legally allowed. It may also help them catch truck maintenance violations.

If you witness negligent and unsafe truck driving, you should file a complaint. You can contact the FMCSA by phone at 1-888-368-7238 or online.

Report Negligent Driving to Statewide Authorities

The FMCSA enforces driving regulations on the federal level. However, states impose further regulations for semi-trucks that may differ. Filing a complaint with your state’s Department of Transportation may yield beneficial results. Texas Department of Transportation, TxDOT, outlines their complaint filing procedures online.

Call 911

You should consider the above options for reporting unsafe truck drivers first. However, some cases of negligent truck driving are extremely dangerous. In the case of an emergency, you will want to call 911. Be sure to include descriptive details to the dispatcher. This should include the incident, the truck involved, the license plate number, and your location. Operators will notify the proper authorities who will investigate the incident.

What If I Am Injured by a Reckless Truck Driver?

Reckless and negligent truck driving that goes unreported often results in disaster. If you suffered an injury in such an accident, there are key points of evidence you should collect. Knowing what vital evidence your case needs is important, so please read our guide to 5 Types of Important Evidence When Filing a Truck Accident Claim.

Contact Our Texas Truck Wreck Lawyer for Help

You should also reach out to our Sherman truck accident lawyers. Having an experienced attorney on your side can help secure the most beneficial outcome for you. Truck accident victims often face long term recovery, and their compensation should cover it. Further, our Texas truck wreck lawyers understand that there are many different sources of liability in these cases. We can help you get the compensation you deserve from those who owe it.

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