4 Reasons Why Big Rig Commercial Truck Accidents Are So Deadly

Did you know that the average fully loaded big rig commercial truck can easily weigh as much as 80,000 pounds? In comparison, the average car on the road weighs roughly 3,000 pounds. This size and weight discrepancy alone is one of the main reasons why big rig trucks are so dangerous.

When an accident occurs, the occupants in the passenger vehicle often sustain a majority of the injuries, many of which are severe and sometimes even life-threatening. Unfortunately, size is not the only reason why big rig trucks are so dangerous, however.

Dangerous Cargo Can Cause Deadly Big Rig Commercial Truck Accidents

Big rigs, tractor-trailers, and semi-trucks often carry cargo on long journeys across the country. Failure to adequately secure this cargo before shipping can cause the big rig to lose control on the road, or become unsteady in high winds or inclement weather.

In addition to unsecured loads, the cargo they carry can be hazardous. Consider what happens when an hazardous waste truck collides on a freeway or a log truck jackknifes on the Interstate. Not only is the truck a dangerous object, but the cargo it contains can spill or fly off of the truck, leading to vehicle collisions and numerous injuries.

Cutting Corners Can Be Disastrous

Trucking companies have a responsibility to ensure that their trucks and big rigs are safe and reliable while on the road. This means performing regularly scheduled maintenance and taking proper safety precautions. Unfortunately, unscrupulous trucking companies may cut corners when servicing their trucks. They may delay changing tires or headlights on their vehicles in an effort to reduce their expenses and increase their profits. They may even unhook the front brakes in order to force the truck driver to only rely on the back brakes. This is done to reduce the wear and tear on the front brakes, which in turn, saves money.

Not All Truck Drivers Are Properly Trained

Not all truck drivers are responsible and adequately trained to drive a dangerous semi-truck on the road. Trucking companies may fail to ensure that their truck drivers are properly trained and have a clean driving record. During busy times, they may rush to place a truck driver on the road before they’re ready. This inexperience can create dangerous and deadly situations. In an emergency, an inadequately trained truck driver may not know how to guide their vehicle to safety and make poor decisions.

Blind Spots Are Deadly

Semi-trucks have large blind spots on both sides and in the front and back of the truck. These blind spots make it difficult for large trucks to see other cars on the road nearby. As a result, big rigs may suddenly change lanes directly in front of or into another car. They may also back up into other vehicles or run over objects in the road. Blind spots can result in serious trucking accidents. To avoid this, truckers should always visually check their blind spots before changing lanes or backing up.

Injured in a Trucking Accident?

If you or someone you love has been injured in a big rig commercial truck accident, it is important to speak to an experience and skilled Texas trucking accident lawyer immediately. At David K. Wilson & Associates, our attorneys have the experience and the resources needed to tackle these large and complex cases. Contact Us today for a free initial consultation and review of your case. You pay nothing unless we can win!

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