5 Tips for Being a Safe Pedestrian

Do you do a lot of walking in the Sherman, TX area? Do you enjoy walking to and from work, school, the store, the doctor’s office or the park? If so, you must do everything possible to protect yourself when being a pedestrian. If you don’t, you could put yourself in serious danger the next time you step foot on the sidewalk or the pavement. It can be difficult to recover completely from injuries suffered in a pedestrian accident, which is why you need to follow the five tips for safe pedestrian actions in today’s post.

1. Always Cross at Controlled Intersections

Make it a habit to always cross at controlled intersections when walking around town. Do not jaywalk and do not cross at intersections where there is no stop sign or no traffic light. You are much safer when crossing at a controlled intersection. There is still the chance that a car could wind up hitting you but that chance is reduced at a controlled intersection.

2. Walk Close to Buildings

Do your best to walk close to the buildings when on the sidewalk. Do not walk near the curb, near parked cars, or anywhere near the street unless you are crossing it. Walking near the buildings will help protect you from any vehicle that accidentally jumps the curb and heads for you.

3. Wear Bright-Colored Clothing

Do you do a lot of working at night? It’s important to wear clothing that has bright colors so when vehicle headlights shine on you, or the streetlights shine on you, you will be seen by drivers. It’s difficult at night for drivers to spot pedestrians, don’t make it worse on yourself by wearing dark clothing while walking at night.

4. Avoid Using Your Phone While Walking

Many people love to listen to music while walking. They also like to text, answer calls, send emails and browse social media. Don’t do any of this when walking around town. This will only wind up putting you in a bad situation. You might not notice you are at the intersection, causing you to walk right out into traffic. If you have headphones in your ears you might not hear sirens of an emergency vehicle or the horn of a car beeping at you.

5. Learn and Follow Traffic Laws

You must learn and follow all of the traffic laws associated with being a pedestrian. This includes waiting to cross until the light is green, not assuming vehicles will stop for you, and avoiding jaywalking at all times. Make eye contact with the driver closest to you before stepping foot onto the street from the sidewalk.

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