Business Litigation Lawyers

What Is Business Litigation?

Business litigation arises out of some type of dispute involving business transactions. In some instances, these issues are resolved in mediation, but in many cases they must be decided in a court of law. Business litigation is varied. Some cases involve individuals who have had a bad experience with a company and seek compensation for actual damages or loss.

Texas Business litigation Law

Other cases involve one business that has a dispute with another business, usually due to a contractual issue. When disagreements cannot be resolved in mediation, the parties involved will rely on the expertise and knowledge of a business litigation attorney to protect their rights.

What Are Common Types of Business Litigation Cases?

There are several common cases that fall under the category of business litigation, including:

  • Breach of Contract – this occurs when a service provider fails to fulfill the details of a contract. This can include individuals who contract with businesses, and businesses that contract with other businesses.
  • Contract Interference Disputes – when a third party knowingly interferes with a contract to intentionally cause a breach that results in damages or losses to another party, the victims can file a contract interference claim. For example, if a company aggressively recruits an employee of another company in the same industry, knowing the employee has a non-compete clause in their contract, that could fall under contract interference.
  • Corporate Disputes – situations under this category include problems arising from a business merger or business acquisition, as well as instances in which a business is splitting into two separate entities and the principals cannot agree on which components of the business they will each receive.
  • Employment Disputes – this occurs when an employee or an employer breaches a contract or an agreement. For example, if a company terminates a salaried employee’s contract without cause, that could lead to a wrongful termination suit. An employee could also file claim against an employer for creating a hostile work environment, and a company could sue an employee for violating a non-disclosure agreement.
  • Fraud Disputes – when a company knowingly misrepresents a product or service, a consumer can file claim for fraud against that company.
  • Intellectual Property Disputes – if a business has infringed on your intellectual property by violating copyright, trademark or patent, you can file a business litigation claim to recover damages.
  • Shareholder Disputes – the shareholders of a business can sue the CEO of a company if they feel that the business is not being operated in the proper manner. This is also true if a partner in a business believes that another partner’s actions are hurting the company’s bottom line.

Why Do You Need An Experienced Law Firm To Help You?

Some business disputes may seem easy to resolve, but as you become embroiled in the details, you will begin to realize that the legal language in many of these cases is complex and challenging to navigate. That’s why you need the services of a law firm that has had years of experience handling these types of cases.

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