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How to Avoid Heavy Machinery Accidents on the Job

If you work in construction, on a loading dock, or anywhere else heavy machinery is present there’s always the risk of a serious accident that can lead to traumatic injuries or even death. These accidents are most often preventable, especially if the person operating the machinery reduces distractions, follows the instructions of their spotter, and is properly trained to operate the machinery. Let’s take a look at how you can avoid heavy machinery accidents on the job in Sherman, Texas so you don’t suffer a traumatic injury.

Always Don Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

It is important that you always wear personal protective equipment (PPE) whenever working near, with, or on heavy machinery in Texas. PPE includes a hart hat, goggles, a face mask, a full-body suit (when required), ear plugs, gloves and more. This gear can help prevent sparks, light, flames and heat from injuring various exposed parts of your body.

Only Use Machinery with Proper Guards

You should never use a piece of machinery in a factory, on an assembly line, or in a garage setting that does not have the proper guards installed. When machinery has the proper guarding it protects employees from sparks, flying objects, rotating parts and other dangers. The guards that most machines require include light curtains, barrier guards, and two-hand devices.

Only Operate Machinery if Trained

If you truly want to avoid an accident involving heavy machinery you should only operate a piece of equipment if you have been trained on it in a proper manner. This might include being sent to an official class, watching tutorials online, practicing for a set amount of hours with a trainer and more. You will not only put your life at risk, but also the lives of all those around you should you operate heavy machinery without the proper training.

Avoid Interfering with Operating Machinery

Do your best to avoid interfering with machinery that is in operation as well as the person operating the machinery. You want to be as little of a distraction as possible when near heavy machinery in order to avoid an accident. Make sure you are clear of any moving parts on machinery so you do not wind up getting a limb or piece of clothing caught in the machine, which can lead to quite a tragic accident.

Inspect Machinery Before Use

All heavy machinery should be inspected each day prior to its use. Failing to inspect the machinery could lead to a serious accident. You might find a broken part or missing component during the daily inspection of the machinery. Document every single inspection you perform and any issues you discover so they can properly be repaired before the machine is used again.

Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

Were you injured in a heavy machinery accident on the job? Your life has been thrown upside down in an instant and you need to protect your rights. It’s in your best interest to work with a personal injury attorney in Sherman, Texas who will fight for your right to compensation. Call the office of David K. Wilson & Associates, Attorneys at Law at 903-870-9050 to schedule a consultation today. You can also fill out a contact form found on the website.

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