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Serious Personal Injury

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What Is Serious Personal Injury?

The legal definition of serious personal injury is any injury that causes a fatality or that causes fractures, disfigurement, the loss of a limb, the loss of a fetus, or permanent impairment. Serious personal injury lawyer Sherman TX cases can result from a number of different circumstances, but they are unified by the fact that a third party is held responsible for the injury. These cases are often complex and emotionally difficult for a plaintiff or for the family of a person who was killed as a result of the injury.

What Is the Burden of Proof In a Serious Personal Injury Claim?

Any claimant who pursues a serious personal injury lawsuit must be aware that there is the burden of proof that places significant weight on the evidence that can prove this type of case. In most instances, a claimant must present evidence, which includes:

  • Medical Evidence – serious personal injury claims nearly always involve some type of medical procedure or medical treatment. Plaintiffs must be able to produce medical records, medical bills, and medical diagnosis to show that their injury was extensive and significant. Medical evidence should also include photos, X-rays and MRIs of the injured area of the body.
  • Loss of Income Evidence – serious personal injuries often result in a victim having to miss weeks, months and sometimes years of regular employment during the recovery phase. As part of the serious injury claim, plaintiffs must present evidence of loss of actual income due to the injury, and loss of future income. Often, this evidence takes the form of income statements, witness reports or testimony from an employer about salary, and may also include bank records. Loss of income is very important because it can help a jury determine the amount to award a plaintiff for pain and suffering.
  • Injury Site Evidence – plaintiffs must also provide photographic and video evidence of the location where the injury took place. For example, if a car accident caused the loss of use of one of your limbs, you would need to show evidence such as pictures of the accident site, police reports, eyewitness reports, and accident recreation diagrams.
  • Life Change Evidence – a serious personal injury often changes the trajectory of a victim’s life. Before the accident, you may have been headed down a path of career and personal success, but after the accident, your fortunes may change. This is especially true if you can no longer work regularly after the injury, causing a decline in your family’s income and well-being. Examples of life change evidence include financial statements showing what the injury has cost you, and depositions from family members, friends, and employers about the lifestyle changes you have been forced to make after the injury.

Hiring Our Personal Injury Lawyer Sherman TX to Purse Your Serious Injury Claim

A serious personal injury claim can be a life-altering event that forces you to grapple with changes that you never saw coming. That is why it is vital for you to hire personal injury lawyer Sherman Tx with a proven track record of winning settlements and jury trials.

The team at David K. Wilson & Associates understands the personal toll of a serious personal injury claim. That’s why our job is to secure the best settlement for you and your family, o that you can have some peace of mind as you face the next phase of your life. Please call us today at (903) 870-9050 for a free legal consultation. Offices located in Sherman, TX.

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