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Even a quick glance at commercial truck accident statistics highlights the dangers that these vehicles pose to passenger cars. According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS), 3,852 people were killed in commercial truck accidents in 2015. But the staggering statistic is that 69 percent of the people killed in truck wrecks were the occupants of other vehicles.

That’s a stark reminder that commercial truck drivers that cause accidents also cause devastating fatalities that too often only affect the passengers and drivers of the vehicles that they hit.

Common Causes of Commercial Truck Accidents

Many of the causes of commercial truck accidents are also present in auto accidents, but the difference is that mistakes in a commercial vehicle can be significantly more damaging. The most common causes of commercial trucking accidents include:

  • Speeding – speeding is the most common cause of truck accidents. It takes much longer for a commercial truck to come to a complete stop than it does for a passenger vehicle to stop. Truck drivers who speed are also more likely to practice other unsafe driving actions, such as improper lane changes.
  • Driver Distraction – any activity such as texting, speaking on a mobile phone (hands-free or not), talking to a passenger, eating, reaching down to grab something off the floor, reaching into a glove compartment, or looking at a GPS device is considered distracted driving. This behavior is dangerous, because it takes a truck driver’s eyes off the road, or takes a truck driver’s hands off the wheel. It also reduces reaction time when a driver must take evasive action due to an unexpected occurrence on the road.
  • Impairment – commercial truck drivers who consume alcohol, abuse illicit drugs, and take prescription medication that makes them drowsy are much more likely to cause a truck accident.
  • Fatigue – driver fatigue is a huge problem in the trucking industry, so much so that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has issued a mandatory rule that all truck drivers use electronic logging devices (ELDs) in their trucks by December of this year. ELDs make it impossible for drivers to falsify their logbooks, which detail the amount of rest they have had during the day. ELDs also allow truck carriers to observe their drivers through video monitoring to ensure that they follow safe driving practices.

What Makes Truck Accident Attorney TX Claims So Challenging

After you’ve suffered injuries caused by a commercial truck driver or Motorcycle Accidents, you may be confused about your next move. That’s because the insurance company of the truck carrier may try to pressure you into giving a statement before you are ready, or may try to paint a picture that makes it seem as if you were at fault.

The truth is, insurance companies of large truck carriers don’t want to pay out large claims in these accidents. In fact, they want to limit their exposure and liability as much as possible, which is why the most effective way to protect your rights is to hire an aggressive personal injury law firm, such as the team at David K. Wilson & Associates.

We will not shy away from pursuing your claim to the fullest extent, and we have the truck accident attorney TX, investigators and support staff to obtain rightful and fair compensation.

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